Beautiful Journey

beautiful journeyThe emotion in this painting is calm and peaceful. It illustrates somehow my personality. The painting is depicted by palette knife so it demonstrates textures unevenly as an embodiment of Beautiful Journey in Life with lessons, obstacles and adventures. 60 x 60 cm oil on canvas, edges are painted, so framing is not necessary. Signed on the back edge. Ready to hang.


In the Garden


In the Garden 100 x 100 cmIn the Garden, 100 x 100 cm Oil on Canvas, 2017


Redsheep Gallery / Stockholm, Sweden 

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Golden Field

Big Field

It is an artwork that embodies the harmony of earth. It features with sun light dazzling over wheat field, a natural small flow of fresh water across the land into a lake and golden hills as a bumper crop year. 80 x 80 cm oil on canvas, 2017. For inquiries please contact: 
+46 736361151


Contemplative Man


A contemporary piece which depicts uncertainty, mystery and contemplation of a person. It features with dark grey-blue background with uneven, torn-off pieces of acrylic-based vintage papers as the embodiment of an unknown atmosphere. The man itself illustrates unclear and curious. 80 x 100 cm Mixed Media on Canvas. For inquiries please contact:
+46 736361151