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„ My hand wants to repeat movements. With the help of my fingers. I try to record the movements as imprints. Slightly equal movement of the fingers, many times overlapped and pressed onto the canvas with a transparent plastic sheet, creates paintings – which are very translucent and colors overlapping. When the hand grips the rough paper towels as a tool, the impression changes to a broader line. One of another, I repeat my movements with the transparent plastic sheet and rough paper towels. In the hand there is liveliness, music, notes, in the color overlapping and translucent is a coincidence. The transparent plastic paper presses the paint differently, even if only seconds after. The more you overlap and press the paint onto canvas, the more you will discover the subtle differences when you look at them. The eye compares by looking form one part to one the other. The memory saves the one and places it to the other”.


Elis Lin „日常生活“ – 複合媒材、當代藝術創作



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