From New On : Werkstatttraum Reopening

首度在柏林跟其他十位藝術創作者共同聯展,藏不住心中的興奮與喜悅要爆炸啦 !

在柏林的台灣朋友們趕快來湊熱鬧喔。不只聯展,三天兩夜的節目表、創作者名單請參閱下方。這是我們位在kreuzberg 區的工作室Werkstatttraum 數月下來籌備的 Reopening!


The weather’s getting warmer, the drums are getting louder, the craftsmen are lowering their tools, the Artists are cleaning their brushes, and here it comes, the brand new shiny Werkstatttraum!

With beautiful new spaces for creativity, a godly new kitchen-bar,
a cozy new co-work space, a perfect new workshop, the first ever feminist hackspace/fablab, a clean and awesome backyard, and most importantly, an old/new Kollektttiv of artists and designers, who want to celebrate these first moments of the new Werkstatttraum with you! ♥

19.5 : 18.00-23.00 (vernissage, live-music, food, bar and more)
20-21.5 : 14.00-23.00 (exhibition at day, performances by evening)

On the weekend of the 19-21.5 the Kolektttiv will open its doors to exhibit our freshly made art/illustration/design projects, while through the entire weekend the space will be occupied by artists, performers, food specialists, and fun makers, and here’s partial list of what’s to come:


> Art Exhibition
> Performances
> Live-music
> DJ Sets
> Sketch-Battle!
> Mauritian Food
> Barrr
> Print/Shop
> Live-street art
> Projections


> Sophia Melone / Illustration
> Tzu Ting Wang / Painting
> Kevin Gray / Painting
> Elis Lin / Illustration
> Ri Que / Wooden Prints
> Birgitt Böse / Jewelry
> Carlos Nikolaus / Installation
> Benjamin Nutt / Painting
> Daniel Keller / Jewelry
> Julia Van Der Bom / Sculpture
> Boaz Balachsan (Digitalboaz) / Illustration
> Achim Riethmann / Painting


> Thomas Zebic / Live-illustration
> Limboski / Musician
> Lucky Julez / DJ set
> NDNA / Musical Performance
> Levke / DJ set
> Home Sweet Home / Paste-Up workshop
> Saxophone Fox / Musician
> LuKKas / Musician


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