In the Garden


In the Garden 100 x 100 cmIn the Garden, 100 x 100 cm Oil on Canvas, 2017


Redsheep Gallery / Stockholm, Sweden 

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Contemplative Man


A contemporary piece which depicts uncertainty, mystery and contemplation of a person. It features with dark grey-blue background with uneven, torn-off pieces of acrylic-based vintage papers as the embodiment of an unknown atmosphere. The man itself illustrates unclear and curious. 80 x 100 cm Mixed Media on Canvas. For inquiries please contact:
+46 736361151

愜意 Carefree

It was a comfortable day to ease my mind without complications. It features with slightly black dots, soft and very slightly-splashed lines and unformed blue bricks filled unbalanced with light green-yellow in the edges of artwork as an embodiment of carefree and delight. 80 x 80 cm Mixed Media on canvas, 2017. For inquiries please contact:
+46 736361151